About Me

I completed my undergraduate from the top Computer Science university in Pakistan, FAST-NU. I had the honor of graduating at 7th position in a batch of 260 students, and getting top grades in computer science courses such as Artificial Intelligence, Algorithms, Network Security, Software for Mobile Devices, Data Science, and Probability

As soon as I graduated I took on the position of Research Associate in Research labs including ARiSE (Advanced Research in Software Engineering) Lab, under Dr. Muhammad Zubair Malik and TPI (Technologies for People Initiative), under Dr. Muhammad Fareed Zaffar. During my time in TPI lab, I was also involved in projects in collaboration with Dr. Rishab Nithyanand from University of Iowa. I am currently a first year PhD student in University of Iowa under Dr. Rishabs supervision. My main area of research revolves around Internet Measurement in security and privacy.

Some of my projects include:

  • Analyzing the feasibility of Proactive moderation of Reddit with the help of automated tools.

  • Uncovering the relationship between offline and online media in terms of narrative.

  • Tracking the abuse of data leaked or given away by social media.

  • Analyzing impact of hardware specifications on smartphone performance.